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Trendy kitchen counter stools

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | February 10, 2018
The right kitchen island bar stools can transform your kitchen from a space where food is prepared to a welcoming and inviting space. However, we usually choose them using "give me whatever, as long as is it a stool" principle. So, how to choose them wisely?
Trendy kitchen counter stools
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Industrial bar stoolsIndustrial bar stools work great because they have typically stainless steel, iron, rough wood, and/or metal. All these elements are traditionally already part of the kitchen design so they simply must fit in naturally. Having these stools will blend right into the space while having the industrial aspect of them stand out in any kitchen. The idea is to have a hint of rustic in non-rustic space and to create a focal point by contrasting bar stools to other kitchen furniture.

mid-centuryIf you want to incorporate color and a bit of a contemporary appeal that is not all the way modern, a mid-century barstool is the way to go. Those bar stools come in subtle colors and designs that will enhance the space while still working well with the surrounding. Wood is an excellent option for mid-century bar stools and the best thing is that pieces created in 1960s and 1970s are modern even today.

transparent barstoolsNothing is as versatile as transparent barstools, especially if you put them in a modern kitchen. These stools work well with any color scheme, any décor and they create a fun appeal to a traditional kitchen furniture. The transparent stools can be used in a bright kitchen to soften the colors in a neutral kitchen for a fun twist. Contemporary, fun, easy and versatile are the perfect words to describe using transparent bar stools and although they are transparent they come in fun shapes that will add to their modern feel.

Fabric bar stoolsFabric bar stools are perfect when it comes to adding a pattern item to the kitchen space. The pattern will brighten up the space while adding color and beauty to the space. The idea is to bring something traditional and modern into one space with one item. They also work well anywhere they are placed which makes the space appear put together. Add these in when you need a fun yet traditional element in your kitchen.