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Trendy and timeless kitchen islands

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Trendy kitchen islands
Kitchen   If you are looking for something trendy and beautiful

Can something be trendy and timeless at the same time? Absolutely. Interesting kitchen islands are the perfect example of great furniture that can instantly lift the overall look of the space.

Green islandSome homeowners, we won't say many but close, are trying to stick to clean lines and, well, boring colors. It makes some sense: a kitchen in white or bright colors makes it easy to spot any spot to be able to clean it. But, if you are looking for something trendy and beautiful to incorporate into your kitchen think about color. A bold one. We suggest a green kitchen island. Youl'll get a great-looking standout piece and an excellent focal point.

Rustic styleRustic, Mediterranean and farmhouse design never went out of style and never will. Whenever you add a rustic twist to your kitchen you are making it warm and welcoming with unmistakable call to come for a fresh breakfast. You can mix colors, materials and patterns, add modern or rustic accents and combine elements you wouldn't mix in another settings. If you don't have time or will: just one old kitchen island will do it. In short, it's fun to design it, it's even more fun to eat in it.

Quartzite islandQuartzite is like marble except that it - isn't. It has a similar look at first sight but it's not as bold as marble which makes it perfect if you'd like a kitchen island made of marble but maybe it't too much for you. The great thing about quartzite is that no two pieces are the same so if you put more pieces of quartzite in your kitchen the pattern on them will be completely different. And that's exactly what your kitchen needs: an island to stand out.

Kitchen with accessoryA custom kitchen island is perfect for those who want to have a special piece added to their kitchen. A wine refrigerator is something that comes to mind right away but you can add an ice cream bar, a juice maker, or even an ice box. The idea is to make the kitchen island the ultimate kitchen accessory and incorporating a custom piece will elevate the kitchen island and make it more personal to you. Just be careful to add some details like handles to be sure that all elements are creating a harmonious whole.

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