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Transform your boring living room into bright and happy place

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Family room
Living room   Choose the style and release the brake

It's easy to design a family room: put in a sofa, a chair or two, a TV is a must and, of course, a fireplace. But that's boring - you can do much better with just a few additional details.

Coastal styleTo make a family room a bit more interesting we must decide what is going to be a focal point of the room and if you have a blank wall you may turn it into a feature wall. While doing this it is important to choose a style and it doesn't have to strictly follow the existing design - it may be complementary. A good example is a room by Andrea Swan: a blue wall with bunch of small details turned an otherwise traditional family room to warm, coastal-like life space.

Lisa & LeroyIf you don't have time or will to work on a wall, you can take another approach: you can play with colors and additional elements in space. Bright colors - and by that we first and foremost think the color red - will instantly bring life to your room. You don't have to paint walls - if you choose vivid colors and nice patterns for curtains that will do, just like Lisa & Leroy did. The step two is to choose many small details different in shapes and style and that's it!

Cindy Smetana InteriorsBut what if you are, let's put it that way, a bit more traditional? If you like to downplay colors and are not a fan of a "bright as bright can be" design, you can still do something exciting. Again, the answer is style. Cindy Smetana Interiors did a great job choosing Mediterranean style as a base for their design. And they achieved the main effect with just a few well-thought details! The wall and ceiling fan are all it takes. After that, it was just a matter of finding right details that fit in.

Carla's A Classic DesignOn the other side of spectrum are people who like a combination of styles. It doesn't necessarily mean a psychedelic room, but it does mean putting together furniture elements you usually wouldn't put together. But it can be done and Carla's A Classic Design is a proof for that. While designing a loft, they kept the wood and bricks for the authentic feel and then... They put in elements of modern, industrial, and contemporary design, with details straight from 1970's, and all that works perfectly together. The key word here is - bravery.

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