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Transform your boring corner into a cozy afternoon place

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | March 23, 2019
What to do with an empty corner? Its geometrical shape makes it hard to put something useful in it, so we usually just leave it there. But, we have some nice ideas you can put to use right now.
Interior   Every home tends to have an empty, awkward corner that simply makes no sense
Food cornerIf you are a foodie, placing a food bar in the corner is a great way to have what you need whenever you need it. A smaller table filled with your favourite coffee, snacks, or even chocolate is great for a small entertainment space that your guests will love. Go big or go home when it comes to having a coffee bar in your kitchen. You want your coffee bar to have all the elements you need in one single spot.

Books cornerFor those who are lovers of all things books, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of that corner and create a bookcase. Having a bookcase is great because it allows you to have the greatest love stories and the most interesting mystery’s right at your arm’s length. Put a few chairs, cushions and even a rug to bring a library vibe with just the right amount of décor. When selecting your bookcase display consider going big and grand in order to fill the entire awkward corner.

Floating shelvesThe benefit of floating shelves is that they allow you to have more storage without taking floor space. This is great when you have a smaller corner that simply needs something extra to come alive. Add small trinkets or other items that you want to have a special place around your home. This is another great area for displaying holiday décor. Paint your floating shelves in the same color as the rest of your wall for an even cohesive approach.

BreakfastWe have all been taught breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, it makes sense to turn that unused corner into a custom breakfast space. The custom touch will ensure your décor is not too big for the size of the room while giving you that hint of personality. A small breakfast nook can make a world of a difference. Add a colorful touch to bring a feminine, almost spring-like vibe right where you need it.