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Through the trees comes autumn and great home design ideas for a new season

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | August 24, 2019
Autumn is around the corner and it's time to think how to greet it with a new living room. A bit of colors, a bit of new ideas, and you will be ready for this time of year.
Autumn living room
Autumn   Connects your home with the nature
Autumn orange sofaTo have orange details for the fall design is always a good idea because they bring up warmth to the room and connect it with the colors of nature in this time of year. You may, however, take it a step further and bring in a velvet touch. Yes, velvet, like in the 1970s. The idea is having the warmth of velvet with its cozy touch while the orange brings forth a classic fall color. Choose one big piece and let the feeling of old time takes you into a new season.

Autumn porch colorsAnd now, colors on the porch! When decorating for autumn do not forget about your porch because this is the place where your interior connects with the nature. And, of course, it’s one of the most loved and used spaces in the home during this time of year when weather is still good to be outside with a warm cup of coffee while watching the beautiful leaves change. Bring a fall touch by adding throw pillows in shades of rust, brown and beige to bring a chic touch.

Autumn wooden tableAn easy way to prepare your room for autumn is to change the dining table. Instead of having a modern or highly decorated dining table, take a more natural route. The key is to go rustic, no matter how your dining room looks like because wood will fit nicely everywhere. Though you do want to use wood as the main focus of the dining room, you also want to add décor in a neutral color palette. You may mix a large wooden table with totally modern plastic chairs and you will get an adorable and warm autumn mix.

Autumn fireplaceIf you have a fireplace that no longer works and you don't intend to fire it ever again, autumn is the perfect time to change it with a few easy steps and make it a focal point in your living room. The key is warming it up with cozy additives that make the space feel chic, yet luxurious. Take a basket, fill it with pillows, put some wood in your fireplace, and add a few wooden details above it. And that's it! It will look alive an warm and you may be suprised how good it looks like now.