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Thou shall not miss a Keyton chair

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
keyton chairsIf you can't find a good masseur, buy a good char. If you can't find a good chair, invent it. The story of luxury massage chairs Keyton started like that.

"I searched for a shiatsu massage chair good enough to stand in for my personal masseur. As I couldn't find one, I decided to make my own one", says Mr. Enrique Canto. In 1989, Keyton Company started to manufacture first massage chairs, exactly the one that suited its founder. The first Keyton massage chairs were manufactured in Japan and Keyton became the first European producer of massage chairs. The rest is the history.

keyton chairsIn 1993, Keyton Company patented the first ergonomic massaging robot. It provided a robotized shiatsu massage able to automatically adapt to everyone back's needs. Through the years, following the quality of massage chairs, Keyton becomes everyone's soul desire. In 2004, Keyton patented a new and revolutionary technology called Sensor Scan. It scans people's back and personalizes the massage to the needs of each person. The British newspaper The Daily Mail called Keyton "the Rolls-Royce of massage chairs". In 2006, Keyton patented the first 3D legs massage system SensorFT-2; an innovative leg massage system capable of a wide range of movements, providing a totally natural massage that improves circulation.

keyton chairsAll Keyton chairs use their latest massage technology. Just one push of a button will take you to the heaven. Here we will count functions so that you get the picture of that "trip to heaven". First, let's take a look at Kneading massage button - it starts massage rollers that simulate the hands of professional masseur. They relive neck pains and help to reduce fatigue caused by physical strain. They also help to stimulate muscles and fight insomnia. The rollers also have positive effect on a cardiac blood circulation. And this is only the button No1.

Next button starts rollers that relieve lumbar and dorsal tension, stimulate blood circulation and increases the circulation of oxygen around the body. Those rollers may help you if you have bronchial problems. That button will be your favourite if you are woman because it attacks muscular areas of the body where cellulites can accumulate.

The button for complete massage is a combination of Kneading massage and Tapping massage (cellulites button). Rolling massage button starts technique of shiatsu massage creating an excellent relaxing effect. It relives back pains and reduces a pressure between discs on the spinal column.

keyton chairsJust those few buttons will be enough to deal with all your pain that you catch because of everyday seating. But, what kind of a massage chairs that would be without some additional miracles? Floating massage button will start the rollers that will "attack" your sleepy mussels. The rollers will create a pumping effect that stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces toxins. Of course, there is 3D Leg massage button, which I mentioned before, that imitate movements of a hand of a professional masseur. Then, there is a SensorScan Massage System, which will "take a picture" of your body in only 40 seconds and determine which type of massage you need.

Keyton Company is among the fastest innovative companies I have ever heard of. The chance is, while I'm typing this article Keyton probably invented a new model and functions for the chairs, so inform yourself before you buy one. We didn’t mention the materials and colors. The chairs are available in 15-colour range and types of leather. One of the company's main priorities for the coming year is to "perfect the massage system used in our chairs". Didn't they invent it all?

For the Keyton Company based in Alicante, Spain, nothing is impossible. Its workers probably run, not walk. Its costumers appreciate the way that company grows and look forward to Keyton's new moves. If you want to step on the road that leads to heaven's door, stick to the Keyton. First opportunity to see their chairs at work you will have in January 14 - 20, 2008, if you visit Koln, Germany.

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