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Think house, be house, design your apartment

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | August 20, 2016
Have you ever been taken by surprise by entering somebody's house, realizing that its inside doesn't fit its outside? Not too often. Did the same happen when you entered an apartment? It did. Subconsciously you learned something about the design and now it's time to put it to good use.
Interior inspiration   A home's exterior should give a nod to its interior
Steel and glassThere's a lot to consider before selecting the right home that will meet all your requirements and make your dream comes true. But, when you finally find the right one, you are one step closer to the right interior design. Depending on what kind of house you bought, being a contemporary concrete steel and glass-built, traditional house, or one made out of wood or stone, the interior design will naturally follow its architecture.

Tudor styleTraditional houses come in all styles and sizes, some of them are mansions, some are telling you I'm a Mediterranean style, or split-level, villa, colonial, veranda style... When standing in front of the Tudor architectural style home, we are expecting to enter the traditional Tudor interior or at least Tudor with a modern twist with walls in a variation of whites, nice dark wood paneling, heavily patterned rugs... In short, all components - perfectly balanced - are saying: I'm a Tudor house inside out.

Villa styleHow this will help you decide how to design your interior? The Tudor-style house is not what you have got. If you just bought an apartment in a building without character and now looking at a blank canvas thinking about appliances for your gourmet kitchen, to go with wood flooring or tiles, what to... Stop for a moment. If you'd buy a house, what style would you go for? Villa! You can have it! Just think clean lines and luxury finishings and go with tiles.

Mexican styleIf you have a balcony, or terrace think about going Mediterranean style. How big is your apartment? If it's small and tiny, think about minimalism or Scandinavian style. The size is not what's bothering you but its brick walls? Go industrial. 'I don't care about any architecture. I like the color orange.' Actually, you do care. Most probably you like extreme homes and creative solutions their homeowners came up with. Go with orange color if you like it that much, decorate your home with vibrant Mexican flair and there you are, in your own piece of heaven under the sun.