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Swim in ocean in your blue bathroom

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Blue bathrooms
Sea inside   Cool and soothing blue is a natural fit for the bathroom

To bring the sound of waves and tranquility of the sea in your bathroom, you need just one thing: color blue. Old or new, traditional or modern, any bathroom may become sea spa if you opt for the blue visual and a few details around it.

Light blueWhen creating a "sea look," any shade of blue will do and you start will light blue color on the walls, followed by the same color details. There's no need to go all blue, choose a wall or part of the wall, and as a natural choice pair it with white surfaces. Bright colors reflect a lot of daylight, creating the feeling of a bright, sunny day at the beach. Don't overdo it because a gentle color can easily be suffocated if the bathroom is stuffed with many details.

Dark blueHowever, if the rest of your home is bold, with strong visuals, your bathroom should be visually strong too. In that case, go as blue as you can. Chose a deep blue shade that forms the majority of the design, and use white color to soften the design and pull it out from being too dark. To make things more interesting, play with several similar blue shades to get some dynamic and if that's still not enough - chose one piece of furniture that's also painted blue.

MediterraneanA thing to have in mind is that you don't have to have large blue surfaces to create the impression of sea life. If you think about the Mediterranean style, you'll see that those homes are small and simply designed but that doesn't prevent them to be beautiful. You can, just as an example, use blue tiles on the floor and part of the wall and you are halfway there. Add to that a nice piece of old furniture and light color on the wall, and you're there. Italy in your bathroom.

Clean designAlthough you can have a blue bathroom, blue goes best with simple, traditional design. So, don't overdo it, keep lines clean and straight and choose simple furniture or you may easily slip into kitsch. To make the design more visually attractive, add a detail or two in a strong opposite color and that will do. Also pay attention to lights: let there be plenty of light in your bathroom to make the beach feeling complete and the only thing it needs is you in the tub filled with sea salt.

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