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Staircase decorating ideas for every home

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 27, 2018
Even though staircases are typically meant to get you around the home and that's it, they should never be overlooked as an opportunity to decorate with your own style.
Interior   Use simple clever ideas to embellish your staircases
Colorful stairsWhen you have a neutral space, bold colorful stairs are the perfect addition. For a modern touch paint your staircase in an ombre format. It's contemporary, it’s unique and it's bright, the perfect blend for a beautiful display. Take a hint from other colorful areas in your home if you have them and add a colorful touch that matches it. Consider painting your staircase wall a bold hue and pairing it with neutral tones. This can be done by using a patterned runner that brings the area a unique touch.

Floating staircaseOne of the easiest ways to update your staircase is by changing your wood. Use a lighter wood with less texture and place it in a format that has a bit of spacing. A floating staircase allows you to use less wood yet have a trendy twist. Keep the stairs clean without a runner for an even bold appeal. Not only do the stairs appear more modern but when paired with dark wood it comes to life in a different manner.

White staircaseFor a simple yet creative touch paint your staircase white and embellish the lower portion with daring color and/or pattern. Doing so will brighten the area while giving you that signature pop of color that draws the eye immediately. Consider having a chair or two with a colorful patterned cushion. The idea is to have those colors as a signature and a main focus of the space. You want those colors to become the direct focus of the room and for the white stairs to be the complementary bit.

Plants staircaseThere's no better way to incorporate nature than by displaying a few intricate plans either directly on the stairs or near them. Having this classic display of plants brightens the space while adding color. It’s the perfect way to bring color to an area without adding excessive décor. You do not need to have numerous different plants as part of your decor, instead have a few signature ones to make that ideal statement. Go with whatever you want, you can't choose the wrong plant.