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Small spaces: It's all about clever solutions

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | November 23, 2019
When designing for small living spaces, it's not about the smallest pieces of furniture you can find, it's about the smart, innovative solutions to design with both form and function in mind.
Small space furniture
Small space furniture   A multi-functional piece of furniture is always welcome
Coffee tableA multi-functional piece of furniture is always welcome in a small space where we can't have pieces dedicated for just one purpose. A mid-century-inspired coffee table from House Beuatiful is a good example: It features a pop-up top to reveal hidden storage space for your books, snacks or anythig you like, and there is a surface which doubles as a coffe table or a small dining table. Design from 1960's or 1970's will fit nicely into any space and that's a plus.

Corner deskIf you have to learn or study in a small room, you need a small working table. Logan industrial corner desk is a perfect solution. First, it's small, so it's easy to find a spot for it. Second, this is a corner desk, which means you will put those unused corner into use and save some space in other parts of the room. Industrial design is always "in" so you don't have to think too much will it fit. It will. A small and comformtable chair will make your home office complete.

Modular fridgeIn your small home you need a fridge. And they are big. But, fortunately there is a brick modular refrigerator, multi-type refrigerator system that up-sizes on demand. Heewoong Chai designed a fridge in elements that grows with you. When you need more kitchen space, you just add another piece. Each module can be controlled individually, creating various customized temperature zones for the food within. The idea is brilliant, the execution even more so.

Galvin TableHiding chairs would be great for a small space, wouldn't they? To have them when you need them and to take them away when you need more space around the table. Here's where Galvin steps into the game. A combination of wood and metal, this table has seating you've been looking for. Four stools can swivel underneath the table for convenient storage when it's needed, and when out you have a fully functional table for four. Easy to manage, easy to operate, a perfect piece of furntiture for a small room.