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Small kitchen ideas we can see hardly ever

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | August 10, 2019
Looking for small kitchen ideas or you would like to make it compact to meet your other needs? Here are amazing small kitchen ideas we can see hardly ever.
Revolving kitchen
Kitchens   From rotating kitchen to disappearing equipment
Miniki slimlineThe Miniki is a small kitchen that can be transformed into a completely different piece of furniture when it is not in use. The design of the miniki slimline is well balanced: Made of only 10 mm thick material, it has an artistic appearance. The clean lines ensure that this mini kitchen blends into any modern interior, whether it’s a compact apartment or an office and we're sure many businesses will appreciate that, especially smaller ones. With the cover on, the kitchen disappears on demand and you may use the space as a working desk.

Warendorf foldableWe all like out kitchen as a place for gathering, but sometimes we would just like all those bottles, utensils, and food just to disappear for some time. And Warendorf has a solution for that. It is ideal for open concept floor plan and in fact for any plan where you want to hide your kitchen for a while. A 7-meter panel, yes, it's huge, folds open with a push of a button, revealing a fully equipped kitchen. When it's closed, you have a nice wooden wall, and when it's open, all amenities are under your fingertips. Beautiful.

Rotating kitchenA rotating kitchen is an absolutely crazy idea that should've been invented a long time ago. The Original Circle Kitchen Concept is obviously meant to be installed in small spaces but it is so well crafted that we'd like to see it in any house. You can put it in the office, your smaller apartment, vacation home... Anywhere. It has all any kitchen has, just in a revolving, space saving design. And you can choose from many styles, from rustic to very modern. You should really take this one into account.

Orlandini kitchenAnd now something different: A kitchen for people in a wheelchair. Product designers don't think about them all the time, but Lucci and Orlandini fortunately do. A smart kitchen by Snaidero is designed to eliminates complex and unreachable elements to make it suitable for people in a wheelchair or with some other disability. The ergonomic countertop has an enveloping shape that allows a seated person to reach every area and every object they need. The edge is rounded and free of corners. The space under the worktop is completely free and accessible.