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Small and beautiful office at home

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Martha Taylor-Brown | Saturday September 13, 2014 6:01PM ET
Home office
Interior design   Fully-functional office in small space

Many will agree that it is better to work from home. You have your freedom, it is not crowded and noisy, and you can focus on your work. No matter how much space you have, you can make a fully-functional home office out of it.

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Peter Morris ArchitectsIf you have enough height, this idea by Peter Morris Architects is just right for you. Finding its place in the corner, this small home office has tall cabinets that can hold a large number of documents, files, books, and other things you may come to need. The triangle table and cabinets are custom-built, which also means you can play with the design and introduce an additional touch of dynamics in your space. This is a perfect way to use a corner that would otherwise be empty and to get a home office that perfect just for you.

Sage Design StudioIf you have a basement, you have a perfect spot for a home office, maybe you just didn't spot it yet. Sage Design Studio used the space beneath the stairs to put it just enough things to get a full-functional office. Despite it triangular shape, the space under the stairs is big enough for a desk, chair, cabinets and shelves and in most cases for a home office that is enough. Using this idea the rest of the basement was left free for other purposes. A seculded place for making plans about next business move.

InHouse Design StudioInHouse Design Studio made this unusual working space for two in an old house. To achieve a peace needed for work, they made a hidden bookcase-door, designed to be an entrance to another room. So, as much as it is a place to work, this is also a place to come and enjoy moments of tranquility. The pottery collection at the top if lit and it adds not only a touch of art, but also a warm touch of home because this is a home office in the end. This style fit perfectly into an older house but you can use this idea in any space.

CWP CabinetryCWP Cabinetry has some interesting cabinets ideas that prove that you really don't need much. You don't need a room, you don't need a corner, you need just a piece of unused space. If it is large enough to put a small table in, you got it. A small board on the wall, table, and chair are the main part of this office, and you just need to add some cabinets for things you are maybe using less often. Since you most probably need just a computer and few pieces of paper, this will be just fine. And you can also order cabinets to fit nicely in the rest of your room.

Moon Design + BuildIf you think your spare room is so small that the table can't fit it, think again. With a clever and skillful wood master you can do miracles. This idea by Moon Design + Build make of just that shortcoming: The desk is in fact just the top fitted to left and right side. You have enough room for legs and it does look cool and modern. One wall is left empty to bring a feeling that you are in a larger room, and the opposite one has shelves all the way to the window. In other words, enough space for everything and it looks like a design statement. And it is one.


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