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Show your shower tiles for any style

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 22, 2016
Modern shower tiles
Bathroom   In any way, shape or form

Modern shower tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Options are endless and you can create a look that really speaks to your taste.

Glass tilesGlass tiles come with different colors and this is a great way to visually enhance a small bathroom and shower. You may choose from different colors so it's easy to find something that fits your bathroom and the color you like, and the mirror effect will be a great addition to your design. Sometimes, reflective tiles may require cleaning more often, but they bring a modern and unexpected look to your bathroom. If you are thinking about glass tiles to add sparkles to your space, check these out first.

Subway tilesSubway tiles are those rectangular tiles you can find in so many bathrooms and showers and they can look as ugly as ugly can be. That's why they are not the first or second or any choice when you are thinking about new shower tiles. But they are affordable and easy to install, so, can we use them? Surprisingly, yes. Arrange them in patterns or mix with printed ceramic tiles, pair them with glass and combine them with black furniture – they will look great.

Crushed glass tilesMosaic tiles come in various shapes and forms, they are visually unpredictable and you can combine them any way you want. But don't think about them just as big puzzles, they come in many different mosaic shapes that will give your bathroom a completely different and very often a unique look. While at mosaic, think about crushed glass tiles: They can offer a completely unique pattern and you don't have to cover the whole shower with them, you can use them as a strong visual impact on a smaller surface.

Heat sensitive tilesHeat sensitive tiles are definitely a hit and if you want some fun in your bathroom, you really have to take a look at them. You may only see the heat signatures while taking a shower when the heat is changing their colors. And just imagine your guest being surprised by different shapes while taking a shower! Heat sensitive tiles come in different colors, so you can choose them to fit your bathroom nicely.

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