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Rustic coverings for your walls

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | April 14, 2018
To add a warm, rustic look to any room in your home you don't have to tear all walls down, you can use wall coverings that today look as good as it gets.
Rustic wall coverings
Interior   Adding authenticity to the design
Germany vinylYou can transform any room in your home into a lodge-inspired space with this rustic eight-piece mural we found at Wayfair. It is showcasing an image of a stone wall in natural brown and gray hues. Made in Germany from vinyl, this piece sports a water-resistant finish that makes it suitable for steamy powder rooms and easy to clean, you just have to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Being without real stone, this is the next best idea you can go with.

Wall mural setThis wooden planks 6 piece wall mural set gives the look of a wood-paneled wall. The mismatched planks are artfully aged to give realistic detail. Pair it with big leather sofa and add some floor barn lamps and you'll almost done. To calm down the whole picture and escape "everything's the same" picture, add some modern details. Since the wall is full of textures, keep the floor visual down with some bright color and if you use black and white carpet you can't miss.

Rustic wood wallsIf you've always dreamed of having rustic wood walls in many colors, this is the mural for you. Brilliant in both color and design, this weathered picture of days gone by brings a perfectly rugged look to any space. This is one of those rare situations when it's clever to dress all your wall into same design. And the best part is that you can make the ceiling and the floor any style you want, just don't overdo it with too many details. This mural will work best in your sleeping room.

Scenic borderIf you want a rustic feel in your kitchen, go simple and go natural. The easiest way to do this is to use white wood and wallpapers with very simple pattern. That will give you that rustic look without being to crowded with details or classic brown wood color. To get something totally unexpected, add scenic border wallpaper. Herb laden split willow baskets and vintage pottery are shown on a hand loomed runner, along with a tin of berries, a colonial candle holder, and a bouquet of dried hydrangeas. The border would be a pretty accent in a country kitchen.