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Rotating walls for constantly changing house

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Rotating walls
Architecture   Break the barriers of the fixed walls

There are two things we want in our houses: a lot of storage space and, now and then, a bit of renovation to get a new look. Search no further: Rotating walls are the answer to that.

Vietnam houseNishizawaarchitects, being located in in Vietnam, a country where people are well-connected to nature like in other Asian countries, came up with an elegant yet very functional solution for a home that must stand the test of Asian climate, yet still be open and airy. Using rotating parts from the ground up, they created a wall that can opened partly in as a whole, enabling residents to have as much light inside as they want. At the same time, even when the wall is closed it lets in enough light while protecting the interior from elements.

Anyway DoorsAnyway Doors decided to go big to create pivoting doors that can replace the whole wall in a house and it can be adapted to any room size. These doors are at the same time a room divider and a door and it's simplistic design fits any interior nicely. The hinges can be set in different locations or centrally located in which case this is allowing the door to rotate a full 360°. And the beauty is that these doors can be installed in both a new home or existing one which saves you a lot of trouble and money.

PKMN ArchitecturesSpanish firm PKMN Architectures went a step further and created a rotating wall with all amenities a wall may have: from shelves to drawers and a place for a TV. This is brilliant in so many levels. You have a spectacularly easy access to all drawers from any side, it can transform your space in an instant, and you can even opt to have more than one to get a home in which you can change the floor plan whenever you want. This rotating wall is giving you several homes in one with its easy to move system.

Rotating shelvesIf you don't want or don't have enough space for a full rotating wall, you may ask a contractor to make a smaller version that can be beautiful and functional too. If you leave the bottom part of your wall fixed, you can add some rotating shelves or drawer on top of it. It is easy to make, you may choose the design you like and for a skillful contractor that's a piece of cake to make. You will have an easy access to all your stuff and possibility to play with light to your heart's desire.

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