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Refreshment in your home: Just add water

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | June 24, 2017
If we put 'water' and 'home' in one sentence, you'll most probably think about a pool and all good sides and downsides it carries with it. But, we will show you how to add some refreshment to your home easily, no pools needed.
Home water
Joy that flows   Easy, cheap and so cool
Small poolWe are sure you will like our idea: How to add an interesting water feature to your home without too much work and at reasonable price? So, for the start, we bet you have some unused space in your house, all of us do. If that's the case, why wouldn't you put it in use in a form of a small inside pool. It can be built very easily and in place where you'd have old things you rarely use, and you can have a nice, tranquil place with a sound of calming water.

Water wallWhen we are talking about unused space, we are talking about unused walls, too. You have that long dull wall you have no idea what to do with, so you buy a huge book shelf. And you have three books on it because you read books on your tablet anyway. Well, forget shelves and convert your wall, it's base to be more precise, into an artistic pool. You don't have to have fish and plants of all kind, a few water flowers will be just fine. It's nice, it's fresh, and it's totally cool.

Floor poolIf your appetite is bigger than this and you really love the sound of water flowing, go for the whole floor. We admit, it will cost you more, but if you convert a good part of it into a pool, you will live in a house that can find its place on any design magazine cover. Not to mention that you will be able to enjoy your little fresh paradise all day long, while busy life with all its nervous feelings is just a next door away.

Stairs waterThose are solution for your interior but what about your front yard? Surprisingly, but you can do wonders there too - again without a pool. If you happen to have stairs to your home, like a lot of homes do, you can extend the stairs to the side and make a small waterfall. All your contractor must do is to make narrower steps next to your existing ones, and you just let the water flow freely. And watch your neighbors become envy. And calling your contractor to do the same magic for them too.