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Redo your bathroom and convert it into spa

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | August 18, 2018
With a simple touch here and there, a clever addition and color choice, you can easily get that spa feeling in your bathroom.
Bathroom spa
Bathroom   Stay with neutral colors and add plants
Neutral colorsStay with neutral color palette. Stay away from bright colors when you want to have that spa feel as you want a relaxing space that does not disrupt or cause any division. It should feel simple and airy instead of clutter and dysfunctional. Neutral hues are perfect because they work well in any space and bring out the beauty in any other color you may already have used in the space. And you can pair them with small colorful details just to avoid everything to be flat and boring.

Natural woodAdding something natural is one of the most important aspects you can add to your bathroom. Use white oak, yellow wood, or cedar wall as a simple backdrop that brings an undeniable, simple touch that is still natural and relaxing. Natural wood is not only beautiful to look at but it is also convenient and versatile in the bathroom. You may want to have natural wood on the floor or even have a natural wood wall. Doing so will bring that relaxing spa touch that you may need.

Bathroom plantsNothing feels as relaxing like having natural plants and flowers as a highlight in the space. Use colorful flowers to bring vivid shades that can be replaced at any moment needed. This is the perfect way to bring your elements of simplicity and vivid colors. It is also an excellent form of having relaxing touches to the bathroom. Instead of using one plant in the space consider using several different plants. Doing so will bring nature directly into the bathroom space adding a beautiful organic feel that is spa-inspired. Pair it with little hues for that well-rounded appeal.

Upscale vanityAn upscale vanity with multiple compartments can help bring your spa space full circle. The compartments allow you to have numerous areas where you can place towels and necessary toiletry that will make a beautiful display. You want to lay out your best towels to showcase them just like a spa would. Doing so will further iterate your spa-inspired bathroom decor. And as everybody knows, there is no such thing as too much storage space.