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Reading chairs for a cozy afternoon

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | March 10, 2018
Creating a space for relaxation is a must, no matter do you want to relax after a working day or you simply enjoy reading. We are bringing you some ideas to make your reading space that much cozier.
Reading chair
Your own space   A book and a chair, that's all it takes
Old reading chairSometimes that old chair you have at home, not knowing what to do with it, may be your best option. This vintage design has it's soul: it remembers the old time, maybe even from the time of your grandmother when she was reading stories to her children, and you can continued that tradition. In most cases a brief washing will do the thing, and if it needs new upholstery that's not hard to do. If you are changing it, follow the old pattern to stick to the tradition and to keep that old feeling.

Papa Bear ChairWhile talking about times that are no more, we must mention the period from 1950s to 1970s, the period that introduced design trends that survived until today. The Papa Bear Chair designed by Hans Wegner has that mid-century style that looks so modern these days. Found at Hi Consumption, this is high backed, tilted chair with unique arms, a true design statement with the best lines classic 1950s design can offer. If you can't get an original chair, the team at Modernica offers up a beautiful reproduction.

Tufted chairSince you will be reading, and there be a bit of napping, of course, you need something cozy. One of the best choices is a tufted chair that makes you feel like you are reading while sitting on a cloud. You can find this type of reading chairs in different colors in any well-equipped store so if you are searching for an ultimate reading chair you should check this out. Being big and beautiful, once you get in you'll have hard time getting out.

Modern reading chairAnd, of course, we must mention an option for modern, techno-oriented people. This piece is big, modern, good-looking, and it has a lot of storage space for books, laptops, and other electronics. Thanks to its design, its natural place is a modern apartment but it works very well in a more traditional home. This is a bit bigger piece that requires some space, but nothing is stopping you to experiment a bit and find the best place for it in your home. This is definitively a piece of furniture to take into consideration.