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Blue and white Greek design in sight
Greek designSaturday October 28, 2017 3:20PM ET
If you want a Mediterranean touch in your your home then the Greek style is one way to go. Fresh and modern, it brings the sea to your life.
Coffee and cocktail tables for elegant rooms
Elegant coffee tableSaturday October 21, 2017 3:15PM ET
A coffee table is one of those interior pieces that's mainly focused on function and too often we don't pay much attention to its design. But there are affordable pieces out there that look like art.
Small outdoor space, big outdoor feelings
Small outodoor spaceSaturday October 14, 2017 1:50PM ET
Small outodoor space is one those things you're happy to have but you don't really know what to with it. It's big enough to be useful, but too small for some serious design. Wait, nothing is not too small for serious design.
Add flowers to your home without actually adding flowers
Floral flairSaturday September 30, 2017 4:25PM ET
One of the best thing you can do to lift the mood in your home is to add flowers. Or, to be more precise, a floral flair.
Bridge the distance, design staircase
StaircaseSaturday September 23, 2017 4:35PM ET
Staircase is one of those things we must have in our homes but that's not something we pay much attention to while designing the home alhtought we should.
Rotating walls for constantly changing house
Rotating wallsSunday September 17, 2017 8:39AM ET
There are two things we want in our houses: a lot of storage space and, now and then, a bit of renovation to get a new look. Search no further: Rotating walls are the answer to that.
Glass blocks: Always in, always eye-catching
Glass blocksSaturday August 26, 2017 3:00PM ET
Glass blocks are very popular material and one of those design trends that stands the test of time: privacy, the game of light, and a great building material.
Totally unusual and totally beautiful kitchen islands
Kitchen islandSaturday August 19, 2017 1:59PM ET
It's not a big deal to install a kitchen island: all we need are a few legs, a huge board on top, and that's it. But that square, boring object in the middle of your kitchen can be both functional and beautiful.
Use that corner for a bit of luxury
Room cornerSaturday August 12, 2017 4:16PM ET
Corners are strange places: They are just sitting there, doing nothing. But we can turn them into a luxury part of the room and make it very functional.
Living rooms with unexpected design twist
Living roomsSaturday July 29, 2017 2:22PM ET
Sometimes, when designing a living, we do everything by the book: we choose the right colors, have a clear idea what to do, and we spend a lot of time to be sure everything fits where it should. Why then sometime our rooms look perfect but there's still a thought lingering in the air "Something is missing here?"
Colorful statements in every room
Colorful statementsSaturday July 22, 2017 12:34PM ET
When you are looking for color interior decoration options from the ground up, keeping a specific color in mind helps you stay on track. However, it is easy to make your existing room brighter using just a few well-chosen details.
Gracefully curved and unbelievable comfy mixed-styles sofas
SofaSaturday July 15, 2017 3:07PM ET
A good sofa brings class and lounging comfort to any room in the home. And if it has timeless design, don't think too much, grab it and bring it home.
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