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Add a little bit of velvet to make your home chic and glamorous
VelvetOctober 20, 2018 ET
What material can add color and romance, elegance and sophistication to your home? Well, many can but the king of them all in all its glory is velvet, never out of trend, always so intriguing.
Convert your backyard into an entertainment garden
entertainment gardenOctober 13, 2018 ET
A nice backard is a good thing to have to escape from a daily life. But to convert it into an entertainment garden for family and friends you need to add a touch here and there. We\'ll show you how.
Eclectic kitchens with firework of colors
Eclectic kitchensSeptember 29, 2018 ET
Every kitchen should be nice and tidy and... and that rule may lead us very easily into boredom. Eclectic kitchens are the way to go: a firework of colors, shapes and textures to make your cooking enjoyable.
Easy ways to make your seating area nice and warm
seating areaSeptember 22, 2018 ET
Not every living room needs to be full of furniture, and not every living room needs to be full of colors to be warm and inviting.
Eat-in kitchens with excellent use of space
Eat-in kitchensSeptember 15, 2018 ET
There\'s no doubt you have some unused space in your kitchen. So, put it to good use and convert your space into an eat-in kitchen.
It's time to redecorate your home office
Home officeSeptember 8, 2018 ET
Do you think your home office could use a little decorating at the start of a new working season? Say no more, we have great ideas for you.
Charming lighting brightens the space and adds personality
Charming lightingAugust 25, 2018 ET
No matter how great your interior looks like, without proper lightning everything will look, well, cheap.
Redo your bathroom and convert it into spa
Bathroom spaAugust 18, 2018 ET
With a simple touch here and there, a clever addition and color choice, you can easily get that spa feeling in your bathroom.
Totally cool colorful retro interiors
Retro colorsAugust 11, 2018 ET
Every era brings new trends in interior design and some of them are easily recognized as \"retro\" or \"outdated\". But, if we choose colors carefully, we may enjoy a modern retro space.
Simple landscaping ideas for your spectacular front yard
aaaJuly 28, 2018 ET
What are you doing in your front yard? The chance is not much. It\'s just a piece of land that separates your home from the street. Well, it\'s time to make it visually appealing, a piece of art that will greet you and your guests.
Hot days are here, time to redecorate inspired by sea and summer
Nautical decorJuly 21, 2018 ET
Nautical decor is always \"in\" thanks to its charming aesthetics. It is popular all-year long but when summer arrives we simply must bring it to our homes!
Colorful interiors: Dare to design boldly
Colorful interiorJuly 14, 2018 ET
Some people like just the plain shades and they decorate their house as if they are preparing it for a sale. Indeed, decorating with colors often requires confidence but with a little bit of guidance it\'s not a hard thing to do.
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