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Odd space, interesting design solutions

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Odd cornersMany of use tend to give up of buying a property just because of harsh angles and odd corners or multiple slanted walls. But it is amazing how a bit of imagination can help you convert an odd corner to a favorite spot of your unique home.

White atticAttics are by default full of odd corners, wooden beams and walls (if there is any, for that matter). One of the solutions for the attic is to convert the space into a modern-looking white room. If we cover all beams we'll get a number of flat surfaces ideal for white color which will make the space look bigger. Don't pay attention to the number of those flat surfaces, they can create a very dynamic and interesting space full of movement. Add a few details here and there and you have a designer's corner you can be proud of.

Under stairsThe space under the stairs we tend to leave alone or turn into an unattractive and sometimes ugly storage for the stuff we rarely use. However, we can do better. Instead of cluttering things under the stairs, we can fit a sofa inside, even a small table if there's enough space, put some small colorful pillows and we have our warm, dream corner. That may become our favorite place for reading, resting, and if we add an LCD TV, we can enjoy our favorite resting spot.

KitchenOdd corners can sometimes bee seen even in the big houses. The architect thought they were cool, they are there because of the available space or for some third reason, but we can use them anyway. Take, for example, the kitchen. Who says it must be square-shaped? Since that's not written in stone, we can fir kitchen elements along the wall, add some custom-made furniture along the opposite wall, and use an island to divide the kitchen from the rest of the home but still with a visual connection.

Corner bathroomWhile we are at water rooms, let's take a look at the bathroom. Here we have a design that solves odd corners problem in a brilliant way. Two walls are ideal for two sinks, mirrors and other details for her and him. The space is relatively small but with clever use of the corner there's plenty of space for all things needed. We would use a bit lighter colors for the furniture but plenty of lights and a big chandelier are giving enough light.

Corner cabinetAnd, for the end, an interesting detail. When ordering a custom-made furniture, give all freedom to the wood master. Explain your idea without going too much into details and let the skillful brain do its job. Here is an unusual but very innovative corner cabinet that lefts no space unused. The design solves the door problems in the corner, uses all space available, and looks fantastic. No doubt, all your friends will notice your unique home detail that mixes look with functionality.

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