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Oak, granite and steel kitchens by Werkhaus

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | December 19, 2015
Skilled designers and craftsmen from Germany have a unique kitchen collection with solutions that you won't find anywhere else. Made in Raubling, Werkhaus kitchens are sculptures and functional elements at the same time.
Kitchens   From old wood to modern stainless steel
WerkhausGranite is not a new material in kitchens but this example is outstanding. A single piece of solid granite is the base of this unit. The combination of handle-free drawers and elements made of walnut results in a special kind of kitchen design. Four professional cooktops with accompanying cooktop extractors surround the natural stone sink and provide a supply of clean air. The concept is very interesting and it is a very nice addition to any kitchen style.

WerkhausDesign and functionality, steel and wood, combine to give this kitchen a truly remarkable character. The trunk is hand-crafted into a dining table which also supports a free floating worktop made of stainless steel. This oak element is seven metres (23 feet) long and appears to fully extend outside the home. The aesthetic is natural and man-made, fluid and geometric, warm and cold at the same time. It is a bold kitchen statement.

WerkhausFor all fans of industrial steel kitchens that make them feel pro chefs, here is a lesson from design: cold steel can be mixed with stone to create something much more interesting than a usual steel kitchen can ever be. The worktops made of shell limestone are very thick, completely natural, and the island has a long sink cut into the stone. Another special feature is the handle-free drawers made of solid stainless steel. A truly extraordinary kitchen.

WerkhausYou must be careful when mixing steel and wood, but this design succeeded in that: it blends into the surrounding space to form a single harmonious space. Beautifully designed, the entire area creates the impression of a unified whole, bringing the feeling of a professional kitchen and warm home spirit at the same time. The stainless steel cooking islands, featuring solid oak front panels, blend in attractively with the floor and the oak alcove.