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Monochromatic bathrooms for ultimate relaxation

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | July 13, 2019
We all love colors but sometimes less is more. That can be especially true in your bathroom: sometimes it's better to go monochromatic than "Oh, my God, so many colors!"
Monochromatic bathrooms
Bathrooms   The master bathroom is one of the most beloved areas for homeowners
Black and white bathroomWay back when going to the spa meant entering a mostly white room and falling in love with the tranquility. These days, it’s all about bringing that high-end experience to the next level and we can use that in our homes. To make something special, go dark. Black bathrooms are always stylish and black marble will keep your décor rich for that spa-like ambiance with a hint of flair. Allow your marble to make a statement by adding hints of white, perfectly displayed sitting along with the dark black shade.

Marble bathroomMarble has always been a key player in the bathroom. Whether it’s displayed on the walls or around the sink, marble is typically always a part of the bathroom. White and gray marble is softer on the eye, easier to blend and doesn’t fight with whatever other décor you might have. Use it on the walls to bring a bold touch that isn’t overbearing and overwhelming all at once. The softer the gray veining in your marble the better. It will create a softer design while still being sleek and have a stark marble approach.

Art bathroomWhen remodelling your bathroom, it is all about making a statement, it’s all about what you want to portray in a room. Whether that be a calm and relaxing atmosphere or a daring twist, whichever one you choose, do it with art. Add a large art piece near your tub to give it a focal point that directly makes your messages heard and sleek. The bigger your art piece the grander it will feel displayed above your bathtub.

Concrete bathroomConcrete is one of those elements that is coming back with a vengeance. It’s quite exciting to see such a daring element be used with more natural bits. As tradition states concrete has been known for being cold and even frigid but when paired with natural elements, it kind of transforms into something unique and fun to have. It’s one way of keeping your décor put together. Pair your concrete elements with wood for that natural bit that feels sleek and modern.