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Modern bathrooms with a twist for every taste

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Bathrooms   Small or big, it may look beautiful

Bathrooms can be tricky to layout, especially when your bathroom is small. It takes a little bit planning and thinking what you actually need in it. However, it can always be nice and warm, no matter how small or big it is.

Bathroom woodTiles and stone are natural elements when it comes to bathroom design. They are waterproof, looks nice, and come in all shapes and sizes you can imagine. You may play with textures and colors of tiles to get an interesting visual style, but you can also use wood. In every imaginable situation wood adds warmth and its natural color makes the bathroom more inviting. Today you may also find waterproof elements so there's no fear they will not stand the test of time in a moist environment.

Bathroom old newWhen playing with wood, a combination of old and new may create a very interesting style. No matter how modern your bathroom may be, old and refurbished furniture may fit in it nicely. Modern tiles with straight lines go very well with furniture from your grandmother's house, especially if it reminds you of old Italian homes. If you go with shades of gray, there is almost no chance that you will make a mistake. And don't forget to add some details like flowers or old lamps.

Small bathroomIf your bathroom is small, tiles shape and colors will do the magic. Choose earthy colors to make it warm and inviting, and mix basic color with its complement. The more you play, the more interesting your bathroom will be because the space will be visually interesting and your eyes will follow lines of different colors and shapes. An unexpected detail, like smalls space for things like shower cream and body milk, will make it even more interesting.

Industrial bathroomAn interesting way to make your bathroom both beautiful and modern is to reach out for industrial design. That doesn't mean it should be all in pipes and stone, details are what you need. An interesting shower head and metal towel rack are good basis. The only thing you have to add is a wooden floor and you are good to go. Regarding colors, stay in neutral domain. If you choose bright colors on top of industrial design, you will end up with something that has its place in a museum of modern art, not in your relaxing bathroom.

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