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Mix styles to stay in style

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | January 30, 2016
If you are looking for your own interior style, maybe it's time to think about mixing different styles into one. Why not start with the bathroom?
Eclectic interiors
Eclectic interiors   Mixing styles is an interesting way to get something new
Old doorMixing styles is an interesting way to get something new and can be very inspiring and in fact there aren't many rules to constrain you. You can, for example, add just one detail that will completely change the look and feel of your space. If you have modern interior, doors from an old house will add warmth and an unexpected surprising element. If you choose such a big piece, don't be tempted to add more old pieces, leave that one bold details to serve as the focal point.

Old woodOld pieces of furniture are always good choice if you want your interior to be warmer and the good thing is that you can mix a lot of different styles with them. The only thing is, as in this design by Etica Studio, you should pay attention to choose similar or complementary colors and then you can go wherever your soul wants. You can use old western tiles, play with Moroccan, add an industrial piece, leave modern tiles on the wall... There are numerous possibilities if you base your design on old wood.

Old and modernIf you are starting from the scratch, this design by Alden Miller is a good example how mixing two styles can literally divide the bathroom in two. The upper part is completely bright and modern without surprises, and the lower part reminds us of an old house our grandma lived in. Those two styles are going very well together because their characteristics are clean lines, uninterrupted with excessive details and modest in colors.

Bathroom booksAnd when talking about eclectic bathrooms, Joanna Thornhill lifted the concept to a completely new level. It's not just that she mixed modern white color and faucet with old details, she incorporated a small library in the bathroom. An unusual idea by all means, but it works perfectly. Classic Mexican design on all shelves, picture frames in different styles and bright walls are creating a place that can't leave you without a smile. And you may even read a book now and then.