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Mix different styles, get wonderful living room

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | February 9, 2019
In order for a room to be timeless there have to be elements that create a seamless appeal while still being modern. One of the way to do that is to mix diferrent styles.
Colorful living room
Interior   Mixing styles may bring excellent results
Elegant and laidbackWhen it comes to the living room many of us want to keep it chic and elegant but sometimes you really want a laid back look where you can relax while being timeless. That is exactly what this look will give you. Consider having a comfy couch and chairs that are less structured and have a sleeker appeal to them. When going for a laid back look consider your level of comfort as the number one must have. Your space should feel extremely comfortable and cozy.

Floating shelvesLarge entertainment centers are no longer the go-to look, instead, sleeker spaces are. Therefore, floating shelves are an excellent element to have. They can be hung from different areas of the living room and allow you to show the décor you would like displayed instead of having it hidden. Their wooden element paired with how easy they are to incorporate brings that seamless appeal. This is surely an exceptional way of adding hints of rust to a room.

Colorful roomBringing in bold colors, textures, and patterns is an excellent way to bring a twist of modern as its core element. The bold contrasts will bring that unique element that brightens up the room. In order to bring that timeless appeal, it is best to use contrasting bits in neutral colors. When in doubt put a chic colorful rug and allow those bold colors to make the space come back to life even when there is already a large use of color.

Rounded lookWhen considering how to create a layout for your living room choose a rounded look. The rounded look feels charming and appealing on its own while giving you the familiar aesthetics we all know and love. Additionally, a rounded layout allows you to work with tables and accent chairs that need a bit of a spotlight. If you can’t figure out how to round off your living room decor consider adding a chic swing. The swing will brighten and round off the living room without many decorative bits needed.