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Living rooms with unexpected design twist

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Living rooms
Interior   Something is missing but what?

Sometimes, when designing a living, we do everything by the book: we choose the right colors, have a clear idea what to do, and we spend a lot of time to be sure everything fits where it should. Why then sometime our rooms look perfect but there's still a thought lingering in the air "Something is missing here?"

White wallThe answer is that the devil is in the details, but not the details you'd expect to find in your perfect room, it's in quite unexpected details that, in a way, break the well-set design. How to quickly design a nice living room with a touch of high class? It's easy: white and narrow wooden planks on the wall, modern furniture in earthy colors, add a picture and a nice lamp as a touch and that's it. But, add just one or two chairs from another era and you jump from correct to great in an instant.

Glass wallAnother detail you may change in your room is not in fact a detail because it's huge, but in a designer's sense it is a detail: your wall. Bring down that wall and replace it with glass from top to bottom. It may sound radical but it's not: it's not that cheap to do that, and you will have a spectacular view and a room that will become a part of wonderful winterland when snow comes down. So, don't throw away radical ideas just like that.

Yellow chairsTake for an example that ultramodern living room with large glass wall, small abstract statues as a detail, and furniture from a design magazine. Sounds good and indeed it is. If you copy the look from the magazine there is a chance you will make something sterile because the magazine room is for showing, nobody lives in it. To make it more human, put bright yellow chairs from the 60s in your room, no matter other colors. The effect will be stunning.

Mixing stylesMixing styles is another thing we love very much. And there is a reason for it: contrary to popular belief, you may mix almost anything with everything. Well, as long as you don't go too far. How to do it? First, make a solid basis, let it be for example a modern sofa in a room with neutral colors. Add to that a wild chair from 70s. Add a table with a trace of African design. On top of that, choose bar stools in totally different style. You see the point: different styles for different function, and your room will be great without any doubt.

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