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Liven up your kitchen with colorful appliances

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | December 15, 2018
Bright, colorful appliances are making a huge comeback as they can brighten a dull kitchen or add a modern twist without requiring you to completely change up your space.
colorful appliances
Interior   Colorful appliances are making a comeback
Yellow applicancesA mellow yellow is a perfect color when you want a refreshing touch without taking away from your decor, its also a great way to get color in while having simple decor. And we love the idea of softer yellow appliances. A mellow yellow works because it is light enough to work all-year-round yet it works seamlessly with any other pieces that you might have. It may look soft and feminine but show us the kitchen it doesn't fit in. There is none.

Red applicancesMost of us can remember stoves came in white, black, stainless steel or a metallic finishes. However, there is now the option of having a fun colored stove that makes a huge impact in the area. You might want to consider a bright color that will seamlessly function with your current décor as a colorful stove is more of a permanent fixture. And what color to choose? Red, of course. Bold and bright, it comes from another world.

Blue applicancesAnother option for those who want to add color in a non-permanent manner- a colored stand mixer. Stand mixers have been around for approximately 100 years or so, which means they have come a long way since they were first made. Therefore, if you already love your stand mixer there might be time to upgrade to a more colorful version. Choose a color you don't already have in your kitchen and you're good to go. Simple and effective.

Bright applicancesColorful appliances are a thing from the past but since their comeback we are loving the idea of having a retro flair in your kitchen with robin blue appliances. Robin blue is not a popular color; therefore, it’s not the easiest to find yet it makes a huge impact when it is paired with other neutral bits. To maximize the effect you may mix different colors on different elements, from the stove to the door. And don't be afraid to experiment with bright colors.