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Let the nature enter through the balcony

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
BalconyIf you are lucky enough to have an apartment with a balcony, you can create your own outdoor peaceful place for reading, resting and enjoying that afternoon cup of tea. And the best thing is it doesn't have to be big, just a few ideas will make a small balcony a big pleasure.

BalconyTo make a balcony cozy and comfortable you can use the furniture you would usually use inside. A couch or a sofa with few colorful cushions will bring live to your empty balcony. If there is enough space, you make put a few chairs, maybe a small coffee table, and a few details you love and that's it. To make the picture complete add some plants and you are connected the indoor space with the nature outside. A nice touch would be a combination of floor coverings, and only thing that is missing is a cup of tea.

BalconyIf you like tried and true solutions rattan furniture is the choice. Rattan is the material ideal for outdoor use and thanks to its structure and colors you can easily make a warm surrounding. The shape and size you will choose according to available space on your balcony and the rest is in details. Rattan goes equally well with a cement, wooden or any other floor covering, so there's no fear something will go wrong. Details in brights colors are welcomed, they will lift rattan's earthy colors.

BalconyWhat if you have a balcony so small that it has just enough room for a table and two chairs? Play with colors! It is not written in stone that fence must be black, floor gray and chairs brown. Get some ideas from the wild '60s and use colors to lift up every piece on your balcony. Paint the fence in a vivid color, choose bright chairs, use colorful details and you will think you are in the middle of an artistic part of Paris. If you have some old furniture you can paint it yourself and make a truly unique balcony.

BalconyIf you have more space you can literally bring nature inside: You can focus on plants an go with a relaxed style that bring memories of happy hippy days. Choose where the plants will be (you can put them on the wall, why not?) and make them the central focal point of your space. Regarding the furniture, you can use old cushions, pillows, and sitting bags in multiple colors, and you use old furniture too. Wooden flooring will fit here nicely and make the picture complete. Don't be afraid to experiment, the point here is to have pieces of different styles in one place.

Balcony For true nature fans, we recommend a Japanese style. Here the nature is at the center of the you balcony story. The best thing here is that there is no strict rules. You can mix plants, play with small rocks, cobblestones, wood, bonsai trees... If you think it would fit in, put it in. A small fountain will be a nice addition to this type of balcony because water is one of the main elements and the sound of water flowing is very relaxing. There should be some fire too, so put small candles here and there. And - sit down and enjoy.

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