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Kitchen countertop ideas for every taste and every budget

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | May 25, 2019
A countertop in a kitchen completes the look in a stylish yet subtle manner. Unfortunatley, countertops get overlooked when designing the kitchen space although there are many great solutions out there.
Kitchen countertop
Simple granite countertopIf you have a smaller kitchen but you want to make a big impact, we have a solution for you: There is no greater way to do so than to combine a simple granite countertop with a matching backdrop. That matchy-matchy aesthetics makes the area feel bigger than it actually is while making a trendy impact. Granite comes in numerous different finishes and hues, which is why many love the idea of using it in the kitchen space. Additionally, it is extremely durable and versatile.

Butcher blockIf you want to create a cozier look, using a butcher block as the main countertop is certainly the way to go. Having butcher block creates an informal feel that is still elegant, and if you pair it with crisp white cabinets you have the complete look. Butcher block offers a farmhouse vibe that is quite relaxing and intimate. Good colors to pair your butcher block with are shades of gray, blue, or warm tones to be sure the space has that classic appeal to it that makes sense and elevates the space.

Glass countertopNow, this may seem like a crazy idea but in fact it isn't. Having a glass countertop may not seem like the most versatile thing to have but instead of using it all over the kitchen use it as part of your kitchen island. The glass is sleek and crisp while having that modern undertone, and you can merge your glass with a glossy marble for a chic pairing. The sleekness of the glass allows you to work in as much color as you would like without going too far.

Iron countertopIf you want that top cheef feeling in your kitchen, think about iron. It is one of those countertop materials that simply works while still being extra modern in its own way. You may use dark gray iron for that ultra-modern touch. To keep things warm and not too industrial, pair iron with classic elements to keep the space more inviting while still being true to its modern aesthetics. Iron is not only modern but it’s durable which makes it a top choice for all kitchens that need a touch of something extra.