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It's time to redecorate your kitchen

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | February 23, 2019
Interior   Create one charming kitchen at a time

A mixture of eclectic colors and a few of good ideas may be the perfect description of your next kitchen renovation.

Complementary colorsWhy go completely out of your way to change up your décor when you can choose complementary colors that work well together? The idea is to have two colors that work together in harmony and may work well with other colors as well. Choose contrasting colors so they can blend well. Whether you realize it or not adding two bold yet contrasting colors to your kitchen will enhance the space and give it that twist of boho we all know and love.

WoodAnyone who is a lover of Bohemian décor will tell you how important wood is, there is just something about wood that makes the room feel warm and cozy. Add a wooden feel to the room and do not forget to add good lighting in order to make them feel grand and not overbearing. Wood tends to make a room feel warm and put together, regardless of how modern or minimal the room might be. And any style you may already have in your house, wood will sit it in nicely.

TexturesBoho chic is all about textures, and we absolutely love it. Blend multiple textures together to bring beauty and brighten the room at once. There is also the eclectic aspect of it, there’s just something new and effortless about adding those unique textures throughout the room. Bringing different textures allows you to add a unique twist to the room with an overall hippie vibe to it. There is almost no room for mistake so just go for it and enjoy.

ColorsWho doesn’t love quirky colors? Color always works well in any type of room; particularly when you’re working with a bohemian touch? Consider colors such as yellow, orange, green, or even purple, these colors tend to make the room feel unique in its very own kind of way. When going for a colorful display, consider as many colors as possible for a beautiful display that makes sense to the room in an overall manner. Choose one color to be a dominant one and they let your imagination leads the way.

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