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Indoor pools and ponds for a delightful day

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | February 27, 2016
Indoor pool
Indoor joy   Bringing together aesthetics and relaxation in one

Indoor pools and ponds are becoming popular thanks to the many advantages they offer. Whether it's for exercise, having a pool party with friends or just pure relaxation, you'll enjoy your indoor pool during every season of the year.

Wood cabin pondFrom allowing you to hone your butterfly and breaststroke in the winter months to a new feeling in your interior, indoor pools bring together aesthetics and relaxation in one. When thinking about an indoor pool, or pond for that matter, you don't have to think about having a huge space, any room or part of the room will do. It may sound crazy at first, but why not have a small pool in a living room? And what's more, you can order any size your want, a skilled craftsman will make it to your specifications.

Table flowWhile there are simple pools out there, there are also more elaborate designs, like this from Phil Kean Designs. It's not just an unusual pool shape that attracts our attention, there is also a table you most probably never saw in your life: the water is flowing through it, straight into the pool! This design can be used outdoor as well as indoor and it really is a unique piece of furniture. Maybe some of your friends would ask what if they get wet, but when they sit down and start to enjoy flowing water, they will feel like they are in a bar in the Caribbean.

Glass wallsIf you have a whole room to spare, you may think about modern design. First, modern and clean lines are always "in". Second, its brightness will lift the room and that's exactly we want to achieve: a feeling of enjoying the pool in the nature while we are in fact inside. If your home's construction and its position - away from neighbors - allows, think about full glass wall to open the space to the maximum. It feels great when you are in a hot pool when snow is falling a feet from you.

Small poolAnd if you don't have a whole room, you shouldn't stop thinking about a pool or pond, even if you are living close to your neighbors. Take one room, let's call it a relaxation room, and make a combination out of it: a living room with a small pool. Again, it is a good idea if you can let daily light inside, but apart from that there's no rule you should stick too. No matter how small your pool is, the sound of water and a bit of swimming will lighten up your day. We guarantee, your friends will envy you and your family will gather around your small piece of paradise.

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