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Incredibly chic dark floor

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | June 18, 2016
When thinking about flooring, a deep dark floor rarely comes to mind. But, it can be sophisticated, elegant, and in fact it can add brightness to your room.
Dark floor
From dark to white   Bring out the best in your dark floor
Dark to whiteWhen you mention a dark floor, not many will jump onto the idea and for a reason: if paired with wrong furniture or heavy colors, it can turn into a cage with no escape. But, there is an escape from that situation: use wooden furniture with light colors and white or gray walls. This combination gradually visually lifts your room from dark to bright, leaving the floor as a strong foundation you build upon. This is a fast and an inexpensive way to change your space from dark to bright in no time.

Black and whiteIf your floor is very dark or even black, don't mess too much with colors and go straight for white. If the area is big, you need another big bright area to balance the whole space. Instead of white you can use light grey or some other hue, but keep it as bright as possible. This is a sure solution but you can make it even more interesting. You can alternate smaller black and white surfaces to create a dynamic space that flirts with art. On top of that, just a few details will be enough, don't overdo it.

Warm spaceA deep, dark wooden floor - but not black - may inspire you to go for a warm room with brown color as a base. The idea is simple but beautiful: black and beige in different hues are a natural choice if you want to create a warm interior, and the dark wood on the floor is the base that gives a homey, slightly traditional look. If you are happy enough to have natural material in the room - like stone - you have a perfect combination. And if you don't, think about covering a part of the wall with stone, it's not a demanding task and it looks great.

Modern roomBlack floor - as the color itself - is a great starting point if you want a modern room, with no trace of traditional. To create a dynamic visual path, alternate black with another color several times. Talking about that other color, you in fact have just two choices: white or metallic. You can use them both and you should play with shapes and textures: you don't want to be too simplistic because too simple may easily become plain boring. You will prevent that by using just one but strong accent color.