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I just wanna hang around

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | March 15, 2013
There are few things that can compare with a good hanging lounger. Here's the selection of the ultimate hanging joy, from sofa to loungers to fireplace.
HangingThere are few things that can compare with a good hanging lounger. Here's the selection of the ultimate hanging joy, from sofa to loungers to fireplace.

 Paola LentiThe wood garden swing seat by Paola Lenti, a "rocking sofa," is crafted from curved wood, with colored cushions as a great fit. If you like to share your seat outdoor or simply like a bit more space, this outdoor hanging pleasure device is made just for you. The cushions have removable covers for easy cleaning or you may change the color to your heart desire. You can mount this rockin' sofa wherever you want, from a deck to a tree to... well, we're sure you'll find the right place.

Royal BotaniaAnother "made for two" lounge comes from Royal Botania. The Surf hanging sun lounger provides its own shade, thanks to its circular design, so you can place it almost anywhere. These loungers is "halfway between heaven and earth", as their creators like to say, but there's no need for such superlatives: they are great near the earth, although for some the feeling may be heavenly. The design is futuristic in a way, as in "the future as '70s imagined it", but it's also very contemporary and made to fit different spaces.

DedonThe Swingrest hanging lounger from Dedon makes loafing luxurious. And we mean luxurious in its purest sense. This swing seat, better to call it the swing bed, has a natural, basket-like woven base hanging from a very nicely designed suspension system. The lounger is designed for the hedonism of ultimate kind. Hang that lounger on a tree branch, put some cushions on it and have a glass of a good wine nearby. Pure joy and pure luxury and fresh air - what more can anyone wish?

Manu Nest by Maffam FreeformThe Manu Nest by Maffam Freeform is made of volcanic rock. Yes, you read it correctly: volcanic rock. Basalt is a magmatic rock, practically a limitless resource, and very good material indeed. Maffam Freeform uses that sustainable material to made fibers combined with ecoresin to create very light and durable furniture pieces. The design and material give this chair a very nice visual appeal.

Cocoon FiresNow, when the sunset comes it's good to have some fire candy. We search a bit and found a nice adjustable hanging fireplace by Cocoon Fires. It has a distinctive shape and modern look, blending quality with an innovative edge. This modern fireplace will fit nicely any environment, be it indoor or outdoor, and it will give you warmth that you can truly feel. If outside, it transforms your lounging area into a trendy place ideal for a few good friends. You can raise it to six heights and rotate as you wish. It also works as a floor model and we really can't find a reason no to take it home.