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Hot days are here, time to redecorate inspired by sea and summer

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | July 21, 2018
Nautical decor is always "in" thanks to its charming aesthetics. It is popular all-year long but when summer arrives we simply must bring it to our homes!
Nautical decor
Living space   Nautical decor is always popular
Summer stripesBring on the stripes! Stripes are a classic touch to sea/summer/nautical décor. There is something seamless about them that simply brings that strong nautical feel into any room and if you use bold stripes in simple hues such as white and blue you'll bring it all together. Stripes are a great alternative to pattern thanks to their aesthetic that leads the eye. If you have a smaller room adding a stripped piece could not only make the room feel larger but it will add a nautical colorful vibe.

Summer wood and blueBring on something blue. Blue is so natural for summer decor, it should be always present in it. You can get an extremely nice feel when you use dark wood in dark combinations with different hues of blue. The blend of colors work seamlessly together while having a modern effect in the room. We love this décor option for a guest bedroom, or even the kitchen. The key is to use a large amount of dark, deeper shades of dark wood and take in multiple different shades of blue.

Summer whiteCrisp white decor is an excellent nautical touch in a minimalist manner and it goes excellently with pastel hues of gray or blue. The key is using light to add charming appeal. Of course, if you have a big and open space you have the light problem already solved. White is one of those hues that never goes out of style due because it can be paired with anything and everything. There is simply no way you can go wrong with white.

Summer patternsThere is another detail that makes your room sunny and nautical. Nothing screams nautical quite like multiple different patterns in one single room. Doing so will bring forth the beauty of the room without looking overcrowded. The key is using similar colors with bold patterns that complement each other. The idea is to work in multiple patterns with similar undertones or contrasting hues in order to bring a unique approach.