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Grillin' and chillin' around outdoor bar

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Outdoor bar
Living outside   Different styles for cool bars

An outdoor bar is a great way to make your outdoor life more fun. At the end of a busy day at work, it gives you a good place to relax in fresh air.

Big backyard barIf you want an outdoor bar, you can approach the problem from several different angles, but the end results is almost always fun. You just have to stick to some simple rules and the rest is your imagination, just like James Martin Associates did. If you have a big backyard, you may opt for a big bar with separate space for making food, drinking, and eating, something that looks like a real bar, only without windows and doors. Since it is completely outside, its design doesn't have to follow your home interior.

Retro modern barWhile at design, if you don't have an idea, we'll give you one: Go timeless. For example, and Envision Landscape Studio did it well, you may mix a modern look with a retro style from, say, 1970s. Those are lines that always look contemporary and you shouldn't worry will it look good ten years from now. A good way to achieve that is to use retro style with wood, instead of plastic that was used back then. Wooden furniture always look good, while retro design makes it interesting.

Modern barOf course you can always go totally modern and artistic, and in that case you should go as far as you can. If you just choose a few modern pieces of furniture, it may - and most probably will - look like a mistake. Be bold, opt for glass, LED lights, and artistic plastic chairs and make something that has nothing to do with your interior. Harold Leidner Landscape Architects have a good example. In other words, design it to be completely independent of your indoor space - because that's exactly what it is. With all kinds of material on the market today, it's easy to find something nice that will stand the test of time, rain, and wind.

Wood and stone barFor those of you eco fans, a good idea comes from April Lipps and it's simple: natural materials. Wood and stone is all you need. Stone goes very well with all kind of interiors, and it is a natural material found outdoor, so you got it covered from both sides. Wood is also the material that connects your home and makes a natural extension into nature. The best part is that you can find stone outside, and with little effort you can find used old chair that will look great with just a little bit of paint. And there you have it: an inexpensive, eco friendly, and visually appealing outdoor bar.

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