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Great indoor bathrooms with great outdoor views

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | April 14, 2019
Enjoying a beautiful view while taking a bath is a dream for many, be it in the city or in a wooden cabin.
Inside outside bath
Interior   Every single aspect will make you want to spend time in your bathroom space
Gulf viewThe breathtaking view that this bathroom offers is sure to take your breath away. Every single aspect will make you want to spend a large portion of your time in your bathroom space. The great aspect of this bathroom view is the fact that the bathtub is completely facing outwards, which means the entire view is there for you to enjoy it while you take a relaxing bath. If you are lucky enough to live in a building on high floors this bathroom idea you simply must try. And when you do, you'll never look back to an old, closed bathroom.

Ground bathtubWhat really caught our attention is the sunken marble bathtub. There is something very rustic and chic about the bathtub being partially built-in in the ground. But, even though the bathtub and design of this bathroom are impressive nothing beats the view from above. The view is so exceptional the entire home revolves around it. The kitchen is usually considered to be the center of every home but with this bathroom we can question that. What's for sure, you will have hard time leaving it.

Cabin in the woodsIf ocean views are not your favorite, then some nice forest may be the one for you. And what's more natural than to have an outdoor-looking bathroom than a cabin in the woods? This rustic bathroom offers more than just a spectacular mountain view. Its rustic, yet contemporary design is gorgeous to look at with a copper tub that is surrounded by the serene feel of wood all around the room. You can also smell the wood around you while you are relaxing.

City bathroomThis traditional yet modern bathroom gives you the view of a city in its complete beauty. The bathroom is simple, but the view is so breathtaking you will want to be in the bathroom time and time again. A large window in the bathroom is perfect for making the space appear larger then it normally is. In fact, having multiple different windows will work beautifully together to provide the exceptional view of the city. There is something fun about having the entire view of the city right in your bathroom.