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Glass symphony

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | March 17, 2008
cbc glassExpensive before, a very cheep and widely useful material today, glass can be extraordinary decoration in your house just one telephone call away.

Glass journey started in Egypt and through Greece came to Rome where ancient Romans stared to glaze windows on their buildings, 100 years BC. Technique of glass blowing and craftsmanship of flat glass making by rolling developed in period of 1500 years BC to 500 years after Christ.

cbc glassRich people started to build glass windows in castles to demonstrate richness in England in 17th century. But quality of that glass was very low. Big thickness and prominent tolerance were inescapable at that time. Modern glass history stared when English architect Joseph Paxton designed glass pavilion named "Crystal Palace" for the world exhibition in London 1851. That revolutionary building made of glass and steel inspired other architects to start use glass as a building material. Thanks to Sir Alastair Pilkington and his invention of floating process, the true glass revolution started in 1952. That process allowed production of glass boards in different colours, thickness and dimensions. Before that, glass boards were made thicker and then abraded and polished after cooling, until the final quality and thickness were achieved.

cbc glassGlass is a part of our everyday life and living today without it will be inconceivable. Modern glass technology development is far away from "bumpy" glass days. But, it is still challenging.

Vladimir Fridman, designer and engineer educated in Moscow at the College of Art, chose glass craftsmanship as a challenge. At the University in Moscow he mastered the art of glass, steel, marble, wood, stone and another materials, and chose that it will be his life.

cbc glassToday, his CBD glass studio in Toronto, Canada, make miracles with glass. A commercial production includes frameless doors, partitions, mirrors, sculptured walls and everything that an office or a boardroom needs. It will provide any necessity for a hotel, a restaurant or a casino, following your wish. CBD will not disregard your home needs, too. From doors and slide lights, to railings and decorative windows, from glass dividers to decorative walls. And if your humble wish is just to redecorate some 20 square metres in a bathroom or in a kitchen, CBC studio will do a "small" redecoration, too.

cbc glassCBD architects and designers will offer you a range of eighteen transparent colours, fifteen rusty colours and no less and no more than twelve opaque colours to make your life more cheerful and bright. Add to that even fifteen varieties of textured glass and nine varieties of exotic glass textures, and you will stay speechless.

To encourage you we will tell you that CBD glass studio just finished its work for Trump International hotel in Las Vegas. The word is, of course, about American billionaire and real estate developer Mr. Donald Trump. He didn't find his hairstyle, yet, but he took a good decision in selecting interior designers.

Expensive before, a very cheep and widely useful material today, glass can be extraordinary decoration in your house just one telephone call away.

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