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Forget white bathroom, colors are in

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | December 10, 2016
It is obvious why the color white is a natural choice for your bathroom: It is easy to see when it gets dirty. But, since we are cleaning our bathrooms regularly anyway, why not give them more life?
Bathroom colors
Bath   How to convert a bathroom into an attraction
Small bathroomShades of blue, the color tightly connected with the sea, is a great choice if you want to reno your bathroom to give it a fresh and interesting look. From light to dark, all shades will work well but you have one thing in mind while working on your design: How big your bathroom is? If it is small, you can paint the wall from top to bottom into light blue and get an almost artistic style, very high end and stylish. Don't go with too dark color or you'll end up with a cave, not a bathroom.

Color combinationIf you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, to paint the whole walls into one color is out of option. Those large, monotonous areas is an attack on our eyes and you should break them with another color or interesting details. It may be interesting and visually appealing bathroom furniture, just a few stripes across the wall or some interesting tiles. When doing that, some details can be of great help: lighting, towels in colors, or even a picture with a nice motif or capturing message.

Large bathroomNow, once you choose your favorite primary color, what to do next? First take a look around and see what you have. If you are in an older house with older furniture with brown windows, don't think about changing them. Old furniture may function very well with new amenities because the combination of old and new is visually very interesting. Second, decide do you want a connection with the rest of your home. You may follow the overall design or you may go in a totally different way because the bathroom is a small world in itself.

Living room bathroomAnother interesting way to make your bathroom very attractive is to make it visually similar to your living room - to look almost like a "real" living room with a bathtub added. Put inside a large drawer in a natural wood color, light curtains, a chair, details you usually find in a living room, and a large, soft carpet. The feeling of unity with the rest of your home will be complete and we bet you'll have hard time leaving that beautiful, cozy room.