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Floral design in a dining room

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | January 26, 2019
There are easy, not so expensive ways to create a stunning dining room space with a floral touch.
Floral design
Interior   Don't worry too much, go bold and bright and vivid
Floral rugWhen in doubt, add a rug. That's a good advice when it's about your dining room. A nice rug will always bring color and texture to any room that needs it. And they all do. Consider layering your rugs if you would like to add an extra hint of color and appeal. Or, just one large flower rug could be exactly what your dining room needs for an added layer of color and texture. And if someone says that rugs don't belong in a dining room, just show them by example that they are wrong.

Floral boldA bold floral element is the best way to ensure a graceful creation of a floral touch in the dining room. Daring and bold colors force you to embrace the surrounding space and have everything you need around it. Whether you use one color or multiple colors when you’re working with florals you want to add a pungent element and allow it to be the focus of the room. Don't be afraid and experiment with colors until you find the combination you love.

Floral curtainsWhile not all dining rooms have curtains if yours does it is time to take full advantage of them. Curtains are the perfect way of bringing a grand appeal to your dining room. Coose bold curtains with a floral pattern for that big punch of color. Brighten a dark room with fresh floral curtains or you might want to consider mixing and matching two curtains together to create one seamless approach. Honestly, we can't remember who said a dining room shouldn't have curtains be we know for sure they missed with that advice.

Floral seat coversYes, seat covers are coming back in style and that's one of the easiest ways to change your dining room every now and then. Seat covers are versatile, but they can be changed any given moment so easily and fast. Choose a cover that has a functional color element to it for the best outcome. When selecting seat covers make sure that you go for a bright cover as it will brighten your room seamlessly while making a statement. And don't worry too much about the overal design, their purpose is to add a bold and bright element to your dining room.