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Fire in place

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Martha Taylor-Brown | Saturday April 3, 2010 6:01PM ET
Conmoto fireplacesAs a schoolboy Johannes Wagner was designing fire irons. In 1998, he established company called Conmoto with a vision of beautiful and unusual fireplaces.

It became clear that he wanted the designs of internationally renowned creative spirits for his collection - so he contacted them directly. His clearly defined vision, persuasively formulated, moved Peter Maly, Günter Matten and Michael Sieger to join in with their work.

Conmoto fireplacesNow variations of the finest products from ten famous designers stand side by side. The torches and lanterns, the fireplaces and the garden grills are as demandingly designed as the furniture, right up to the outdoor shower. Outstanding quality, perfect and innovative. Conmoto simply puts beauty centre stage and has been reaping the rewards ever since.

Conmoto fireplacesOne of the best examples is the fireplace Balance. The structural unit of the fireplace oven can be assembled in a variety of ways, with storage elements for firewood in various widths and a bench element, in the form of a horizontal line. The floating version, where all elements are fastened horizontally to the wall, is very attractive. Another solution is the free-standing version on stainless steel feet.

A piece of design history is continued. An open fireplace element operated with alcohol has been added to the perfect stove with its typical square shape and the pivot door specially designed for it. Above all, however, it is the brand new solid wood elements that redefine the entire appearance of Balance nature.

Conmoto fireplacesThe hand-crafted chests of drawers, shelving units, benches and firewood containers in American walnut or oak blend harmoniously with the horizontal lines. The wood has natural oiled finishes whilst the cheeks are made of brushed stainless steel or have a black stove-enamelled finish. The easy arrangement of wooden furniture and the stove is made possible by air chambers positioned between them. This is where the heat from the stove dissipates upwards so that the outsides do not become hot.

Conmoto fireplacesThe wood-burning stove itself has a up-swinging fire chamber door, making stoking and cleaning very easy. It can either be used with a vertically upwards leading smoke flue or with a direct wall connection.

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