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Fiery tables for hot outdoor nights

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | May 28, 2016
No backyard is complete without a table and an outdoor firepit is perfect for an outdoor party or family gathering to make your warm during cold summer nights.
Table fireplace
Fireplaces   Stay warm in style all night long
Ready-made tableReady-made table with a fireplace is a good way to follow if you are on constrained budget or simply don't have time to search around for that perfect piece until you drop. When you are thinking what to buy, think about the environment it will be in. You may choose between two approaches: a table that will add an interesting detail to your outdoor surroundings, or a true, bold focal point. In any case, be sure to choose colors and texture that go well with the rest of your backyard design.

RusticIf you are lucky and have big backyard, you may opt for a rustic, even Mediterranean style, and that means, simply put, elegant lines and metal. Your fiery table should follow the overall design of your backyard and a rounded piece would be perfect. The older it looks, the more character it has. Pair it with elegant metal chairs, put some plants near it and you will be as close to the nature as you possibly can without actually going in the forest. The game of flame on leaves will make your night special and your snacks warm.

ApartmentYou don't have to have a house to have a nice fireplace table. Any open space will do, so it's just a perfect addition to your big city apartment with an open space on top. As is the case with many apartments, you will most probably order a table by your specifications and pay a bit more but in return you will get a truly unique piece that follow your design, maximizes the use of your space, and adds a beautiful touch. Choose natural materials such as stone and you're good to go.

Table replacementAnd don't forget that fireplace table is exactly that: a table. So, if you have enough space, don't just add a small fire table but go bold and throw away your existing table for 12 and order a completely new piece with fire built in. First, you will feel like you are a king, second, all your friends and family can sit and enjoy beautiful atmosphere. And third, the envy of your neighbor will be visible from miles away. Respond to that with an invitation to join you and very soon you'd hear "Where did you get that?"