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Fabulous table top fireplaces

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | July 20, 2019
Forget about candles and other table accents that add to ambiance. Go with a mini-fireplace.
Table top fireplace
A decorative touch   Add the ambiance of real fire to almost any place you desire
Table top fireplaceA tabletop fireplace can make a dramatic statement anywhere you choose to put it. Portable, elegant and easy to use, those indoors - or outdoors - tabletop fireplaces provide the warmth, sophistication and cozy ambiance to all types of modern design. Add a mini-fireplace to your next home party and enjoy the dancing flame for hours. Mini-fireplaces go hand in hand with modern exteriors that boast clean lines and contemporary simplicity.

Table top fireplaceTabletop fireplaces provide a stunning visual effect and allow you to observe elegant flames from every angle while you catch up with your friends with a glass of wine during the rare moments when you have some free time. And soon you will realize that less could be more indeed and that sometimes a little simple piece like a tabletop fireplace makes a difference between an ordinary party and "I can't remember when I had such a good time!"

Table top fireplaceClassic big fireplaces add warmth to any home but that usually comes with a price. Tabletop fireplaces are not expensive thought, and you get a real fire without the inconvenience of smoke and ash all around you. With their beautiful flame, they create the perfect lighting and romance for a relaxed evening with your friends and family. And they can be placed practically anywhere you like, outdoor or indoor, it is solely your choice.

Table top fireplaceCharming and beautifully elegantly designed, those tabletop fireplaces can be an attractive centerpiece for your living space and they can create a welcoming ambiance even if you are the only one to welcome during the working days. As an alternative to traditional candles, portable tabletop fireplaces look really cool and they are satisfying on so many levels. So lift your modern home to another level with some cool tabletop fireplace.