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Extend your living room to outdoor patio

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | August 27, 2016
Outdoor room   An integral part of your home

An outdoor patio is an extension of the indoor living space, an area for relaxing that connects your home with your backyard. And the best part is, it doesn't have to be big to be beautiful.

Patio materialsBack patio is in fact an integral part of your home and it should follow the overall design of your house closely. Materials dictate the overall style with any outdoor space, but today there are plenty of materials around so you don't have to worry you will be limited by materials. Some flower or other plants in nice containers, carefully placed around, will be nice on the eye but at the same time you will create a clear connection between your indoor and outdoor space.

Stone terracottaAs a rule of thumb, stone and terracotta are common if you want something in Mediterranean style, and brick is most often seen in traditional homes. Then we have concrete, which works well with any space and style, from rugged and rustic to modern and vividly painted. But first, you have to decide do you want an open or covered area and will it be a charming, secluded space for relaxing in a family circle or wide area for entertaining.

Outdoor roomFrom now on, it all comes down to your imagination. If you have a small space, a patio can be just a a paved slab outside your house with few details such as chairs, a table and few plants that in a sense are creating an additional "outdoor" room. If you have a bigger space, think about full-fledged outdoor kitchen with all amenities - essentially that would be a combination of a kitchen and living room in the open. In any case, we suggest a grill and an eating spot because without them a patio is just a place in the open.

Small patioEverything you place outdoors should be weatherproof, but have no fear: Your patio may look like your living room. From rugs and pillows to chair cushions, everything can be found in waterproof fabrics. Furniture like coffee and tea tables, sofas, or armchairs often come together, also made for long use outdoor. Regarding accessories, big "anti-sun" umbrella is a must, tiki torch will light the evening beautifully, and your favorite gnome or other small sculpture will give that final touch to your, very own space.

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