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End-of-bed seating, a perfect decorative accent

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Martha Taylor-Brown | Saturday April 16, 2016 1:48PM ET
Bed seating
Bedroom   Add functionality and charm to your sleeping room

End-of-bed seating is a nice and useful idea in one. It adds functionality to your bedroom and at the same it is a stylish detail that makes your room complete. And you can change it easily and give your bedroom a new fresh touch.

SofaA seating area at the end of the bed is an interesting idea because it can be added no matter how big your bedroom is. If it is large, you can add full-size sofa and even a coffee table and create another place to wind down at the end of the day, spending some time with you favorite book before going horizontal. Pet lovers most probably already saw this idea as a perfect place for their dog, close to the owner yet outside cluttered bed. Another good thing is that there are no strict rules you should follow, just your imagination.

ChairsInstead of a sofa, you may choose a chair or two, following the overall design style - materials, textures and colors - of your bedroom, but you can also go totally opposite way and choose complementary materials and colors. You may apply here all basic design ideas for decorating your living: play with colors, add some small pillows or blankets. Choose bright, vivid colors to make the room more interesting, or tone it down with neutrals if that's your style.

Modern pieceBut how to choose that perfect end-of-bed seating? It's easy: Follow the overall design and you won't make a mistake. If there is some unusual piece on which you can sit and don't know what to do wit it, think about putting it in your bedroom. It may be slick and modern, it may follow the stlye of your bed, it can be a luxurious piece - whatever you choose, you will make your bedroom more interesting. For example, acrylic legs will add a touch of ultra-modern style, while organic shapes will promote you to an eco-friend instantly.

BenchIf you have a smaller bedroom and still want or need a place to sit, think about a bed bench. That simple piece doesn't need much space but it still is a nice addition. And you can even make one yourself easily: at the end it is just an upholstered piece of wood with great legs. Another approach would be to add cabinets: you can always sit on them, and they offer additional storage space which is always handy. Whatever you choose, an additional sitting area is an easy way to make your bedroom more charming.


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