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Embellish your bathroom

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Bathrooms The first thing you see in the morning is your bathroom. Instead of beign just a place where you wash yourself, it can be a vivid space full of life where you will start another beautiful day.

Glamor EurolegnoIf you don't want straight white bathroom furniture and you're inclined to Baroque, you should take a look at Glamor by Eurolegno. This is a great mix of modern shape and old details, and it doesn't go straight to the past or kitsch. Glamor by Eurolegno features clean geometrical shapes that make this furniture very modern and, as a contrast to that, decorative elements in luxurious chrome and gold finishes. Add to that black, white, iris or pink finishes and you'll get fresh and modern element with a touch of old French times.

Tantante White FlowerIn the other hand, if you like clean white design but you'd like to add a touch of life, the Tantante White Flower Decor by Fratelli Branchetti is something you must see. Ideal for a modern space, the White Flower collection of cabinets, vanities and storage units brings nature to your home. Big flower motifs are full of life but are still subtle and sophisticated, and we have a feeling that women will fall in love with it at the first sight. So, if you want something vivid but prefer calm design, give those flowers a chance, your friend will envy you.

Delpha Unique 63And now something different and for those who are brave enough to try something extraordinary. The Unique 63 bathroom from Delpha is a bathroom in a Moroccan style with vanities in wenge wood and glossy blackcurrant. Although it look too much at the first sight, the more you look at it the more you love it. It is warm, full of colours and fantastic geometrical shapes and it seems that Genie from the bottle is the only thing that's missing. It's rare to find such devotion to details and we simply must say to the designer "Bravo, maestro!"

Laufen MimoCorners for a romantic soul. That would be the best description of this modern bathroom collections Mimo from Laufen. Practicality in the first place and the look the follow were guiding principles while this collection was created. The beautiful washbasin has a hidden overflow and shelves are hidden behind cute cabinet doors. However, Mimo is not just about practical side, it's modern and always fresh rounded design will bring a smile on your face every time you step in your bathroom. Let not forget that it's very easy to clean - a feature that fits any trend.

Francoceccotti NaturalWherever we go, we'll come to the wood. The Natural Range by Francoceccotti includes sinks, bathtubs, and a collection of accessories in which no two pieces are the same: the natural grain of wood means that every piece is a unique work of art. You can choose among two tubs, three sinks, and several accessories, which means that you make a curved bathroom, a more straight one, or some other combination. However, no matter what you choose, the beauty and warmth of larch and teak wood will be there to make your day joyful.

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