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Eclectic kitchens with firework of colors

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | September 29, 2018
Every kitchen should be nice and tidy and... and that rule may lead us very easily into boredom. Eclectic kitchens are the way to go: a firework of colors, shapes and textures to make your cooking enjoyable.
Eclectic kitchens
Kitchen   These eclectic kitchens are sure to inspire you
Small eclectic kitchenSmall kitchen? No worries, you shouldn't be afraid of eclectic decor in small spaces. The key is having pieces that make a statement without going too far wide with wild pieces and colors. Well, eclectic is a bit wild by definition, but you know what we mean. You do not want the room to feel cluttered, it should feel open yet intricate and, yes, eclectic. So, the key is inserting key elements and having them make the biggest statement on their very own.

Colorful appliancesColorful appliances are also a good way to create an eclectic kitchen. Your appliances play a big role in how your kitchen is perceived; therefore, use colorful appliances for that noticeable punch of color and add softer hues throughout the room. You want the appliances to make that bold statement yet have other colorful bits. Colorful appliances are unique, fun and feel vintage yet when paired with other “different” decorative pieces that become eclectic which is what you want to portray.

Matching colorsIf you love the idea of color, then going eclectic is the way to go. The colors you decide to use in your kitchen will depend on your personal style. However, we recommend creating a fun, eclectic touch by having a repetition of colors. Putting together unique colors in the kitchen may seem easier said than done due to the numerous options color wise and décor wise. If you are working with 3-5 different colors you want to have binding elements that ensure the décor comes together seamlessly.

Colorful lampsThink of colorful lamps as the perfect additional bit of color because they will help brighten the room while having that unique touch that brings an extra hint of eclectic throughout. Pair them witTh wooden pieces to allow the lamps to really make their intended impact. Cheerful lamps brighten up the room yet have that direct focal point on display. Have multiple lights for that rich, signature touch of eclectic style.