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Eat-in kitchens with excellent use of space

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | September 15, 2018
There's no doubt you have some unused space in your kitchen. So, put it to good use and convert your space into an eat-in kitchen.
Eat-in kitchens
Kitchen   Use the space and use it wisely
Snug kitchenUse the space. The key is working with the space and adding a simple table that can be moved around to create a chic area. A snug fit works best when you have a smaller kitchen or if you have a narrow space. The narrowness of the kitchen allows you to use a table that fits and adds a new function to the area instead of having something that stands out like a sore thumb. That's the way to put to use the space that would otherwise be left empty or underused.

Eclectic kitchenMake it rustic, picnic or eclectic. When it comes to that unused kitchen corner, almost anything goes. You can choose a style that's totally different from the rest of the kitchen and it still can look good. Having a large family can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to finding enough space for everyone to sit. A picnic table can fix this issue while giving you an eclectic appeal. Add cushion pillows for the soft appeal and upgrade the simplicity of the picnic table.

Color in kitchenAdd colors. Do not be afraid of color. It’s fun, bold and welcoming while adding that modern appeal. Use color throughout for a beautiful brightening effect. There are a million and one ways how color can enhance a room. Not only does it adds character but it adds beauty and appeal. Patterned cushions could be a part of your main decor. And con't be afraid to choose any color you like as long as it brings more life and joy to your eat-in kitchen.

White kitchenMake it bright and comfortable. Why uncomfortable when you can get comfy while you enjoy a great meal? Add a pillow-patting to your bench for a cozier aesthetics and pair it with different chairs for a cute seating display that is also comfortable and chic. Pair them with bright colors on the furniture or patterns to further emphasis on the relaxing appeal that the area now has. That additional pillow game as part of your banquette seating will add an extra layer of comfort and uniqueness to the area.