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Easy ways to make your seating area nice and warm

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | September 22, 2018
Not every living room needs to be full of furniture, and not every living room needs to be full of colors to be warm and inviting.
seating area
Living room   For the start, go minimal and then build on it
Minimal sitting areaFor the start, go minimal. Not every living room needs to be full of furniture that is overcrowded in the space. As an alternative, you can have signature minimal pieces that add to the space and make it feel cozy without the clutter and too much of everything. Take simple pieces that are unique and fun for that classic living room appeal, but with a modern twist. For instance, for a more modern touch have a very low sofa as a focal point with little to no added pieces.

BookshelvesA logical step after that is a built-in bookshelf. Bookshelves provide a unique, romantic focal point to a living room. They can be used as a background layout for your seating or you can have them as the main focus by having your seating directly in front of your built-in bookshelves. Instead of having a traditional bookshelf take the living room a step in a modern direction by having a uniquely displayed bookshelf as the main focus in the space.

Formal seatingOf course, you can always resort to a more formal seating. To create that formal feeling you want to have a rounded approach with a unique focal point, whether that be a fireplace or a beautiful wallpaper. Focusing on that aspect will bring your décor forward with a formal touch. Whether you have a small living room or a large one, having the area reflects a formal space is perfect for entertaining and relaxing with friends. The chic formal feel will add to the room without having to completely change your decor.