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Dress your TV up or hide it completely

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Hidden TV
Hide my TV   Design ideas and TV inspiration

We all like TVs, big or small, but the problem is no matter how well designed they are, they are still big, black square boxes. However, there are ways to keep them near and still have the overall design intact.

Hidden TV boxOne of the ways to hide a TV set is to put it in a nicely designed box that looks like a piece of furniture and lives in harmony with other elements in the space. That in turn means that you'll most probably have hard time finding the right one and the solution is to go custom-made. Maybe it's not as cheap as ready-made boxes but it's definitively worth it. You or the skillful master can play with the design, materials, and colours and made something unique that will resemble a sculptural focal point rather than something that is hiding an electronic device.

Hidden TV ceilingNow, if the space allows, you can go a step further and think about systems that can hide a TV set in the ceiling. Nowadays you can find a very nicely design lift systems that blend perfectly to surroundings and when closed nobody can say there's something behind them. They may open manually or be motor-driven, but the effect is the same: now you see it, now you don't. The front panels may be covered with the exactly same material as the ceiling, all wires hidden from plain sight, and the picture is complete.

Hidden TV  pictureWhile at pictures, today's TVs are thin enough so you won't have a huge box on the wall but something that resembles a classic picture frame very closely. The beauty of such systems is in their retractable nature so you can leave the TV on the wall or pull it in any position you like and when you are done with your favourite TV series just push it back. With that solution you'll get two in one: a system that hides your TV and a picture to embellish your empty wall.

Hidden TV kitchenFor those of you who can't live without a TV in the kitchen, it can be tricky when to put that display to have it in sight but at the same time to keep it away from possible accidents like spilled water. Fortunately, there is a solution for that: put your TV inside the kitchen island. It is always there, when inserted it's protected from all influences and when you want to watch it a simple push will lift it up. The front can match the island so the overall kitchen design can stay the same.

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